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GI-pro installation 14th December 2008

Posted in upgrades with tags , on December 15, 2008 by Paul Lawrence

Finally got back into the garage. Been lacking motivation due to obvious reasons for those who know me… back on track I hope.. 🙂

Managed to pick up a billy bargain on Ebay… ZZR1400 GI-pro for £42 delivered. Ross has just bought one for his new Busa at nearly £90, so the Aberdonian in me couldn’t resist it.

The install got off to a slow start, perhaps due to my lingering hangover from the day before, but once I found the additional installation sheet it became an ackward but simple enough process to install the unit.

Essentially you are looking for a lime green 4 pin connector, that has the low oil pressure switch wire, ground and two wires for the gear selection. The instructions are fine once you read them properly and have the plugs infront of you. Get yourself a needle or very small screwdriver to move the clips and gently remove the connectors.

removing pins from connector

removing pins from connector

You have to remove two wires from each side of the plug, reinsert them into the supplied plugs that connect to the standard GI-pro connections. Run a live to the battery and you are ready to go.

lower connector done

lower connector done

top connector done

top connector done

I decided not to cut another hole in the dash and have just run the cable from below. Gear indicator is clear and fine where it is on the dash for now.

GI-pro done!
GI-pro done!

Once the car was all back togethor I decided to go for a short test run and put some fresh fuel in it for the winter. The car is running well enough but the Gi-Pro hasn’t resolved the lower RPM limit issue. So all in all a good enough Sunday afternoons work.



Posted in engine, upgrades on December 10, 2008 by Stephen Hynds

As winter sets in there’s not a great deal to report. A few items have been secured for the car and will get fitted over the coming weeks as and when they arrive. They are:

GIpro – a Gear Indicator with Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator

Trickshifter – for flat up and down shifts

Carbon Scoop – From Carbon Mods.

Wiring diagrams have been studied with much vigor in preperation for fitting the GIpro and the Trickshifter, and to help work out what might be limiting the rpm. Hopefully the GIpro can shed some light on the situation as the current thinking is that the ECU thinks it’s constantly in 6th and is artificially limiting the speed of the “bike” to 186mph. This roughly equates to 9800rpm in 6th gear.

The Carbon Scoop will stop the clearance issues with the air filter and the flat bonnet.

Drew was also kind enough to balance the wheels after the issue with the vibration. No testing has been done yet, but hopefully this will be done over the next week if the weather clears up.