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Carbon Scoop installation

Posted in engine, upgrades on January 28, 2009 by Stephen Hynds

It’s been over a month since the last update, but this doesn’t mean that no work has been done. The trickshifter has been installed and is working fine and its installation will be covered in more detail when we remember to take the right pictures.

A couple of other small jobs were finished last week – the new race can was fitted to the car. This involved some work to fabricate a small bracket as the existing setup didn’t suit the mount on the new exhaust.

New race can

New race can

The car sounds good with it on, but it hasn’t been given the full test run treatment yet.
Some other general tidying that was a lot easier with 2 sets of hands were done too.
This brings us to last night’s work to install the Carbon Scoop from
The scoop was required as the air filter was causing the bonnet to bulge as it sits quite high in the car. As you can see from the picture the first challenge would be to cut a hole in the bonnet over which the scoop would rest.
The old adage of measure many times and cut once was in full affect as we painstakingly tried to align the scoop to be sitting over the air filter. A line was traced round the scoop in what we decided was its perfect location and then the bonnet was removed from the car. We then used a dremmel to cut out a hole leaving a lip of about an inch all the way round. This would hopefully give us plenty of area to work with for securing the scoop, but ensure the air filter was not fouled.
As you can see from the picture it was an absolute success.
The second part of the task was to then secure the scoop to bonnet. The scoop was placed over the hole over  what remained of the outline drawn round it and measurements were taken again to centre it it.
Looks good doesn’t it. Unfortunately it’s only resting on the car in that picture. Next step was to secured it to the bonnet using some tape before we took the bonnet off and turned it upside down read for some bonding “gloop”. Unfortunately the “puflex” tube had dried up at the end and the gun couldn’t be used to dispense it so we had to slice it open and use a spatula to get it out. This isn’t the easiest of processes and the next 45 minutes were spent cleaning up the mess  finalising the job.  When we left it last night the scoop was under some weights to help it bond in place and the puflex was setting well.
All being well it will be ready for a second dose of puflex today which will secure it nicely. The previous car utilised the same material in a higher stress location with great success.
In hindsight the task would have been made much easier if the scoop had come with some lugs that could have been used to initially secure it to the car before the bonding process began.