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Knockhill – Sat 28/03/09

Posted in trackday with tags , , , , , on March 31, 2009 by Paul Lawrence

Quick update from Knockhill. No running for me, will post more my issues later.

Russell had a good run in the old car, it was my first opportunity to see and hear it being driven hard by someone else. He has also powdercoated the wheels black so the car is looking great. Russell put in a load of laps and loved it. Welds on the wing stays broke again, but this didnt hamper his day. Well done bro.

Ross- aka Bananaman – watching this so and so closely with his shiney new 2008 Busa motor. A lovely install, very neat with a few toys, respect to Ross for a good job. Car looked quick, but didnt have the same high end grunt as Matty’s car. Some mapping will soon fix this – last years sprint champion may be someone to contend with again!

Matty – aka (Tonto) – nice caged Westfield (also in that annoying yellow colour) which had a standard Busa last year. Matty needed to get the gearbox fixed, so decided to have a few ponies addded. Exterme engines in Sheffield appear to have done a top job as it was very quick down the straight. Just Matty’s driving to get sorted now 😉

Was dissapointed not to be out, but hope to be ready for Kames on the 11th.


Cancelled- Knockhill Sat 28th 9:00am until 1:00pm

Posted in trackday on March 23, 2009 by Paul Lawrence

Due to a few new car issues – I will not be running at Knockhill. More info to follow.

Sorry 😦

Just a heads up for anyone wanting a run in the car. A few of the hillclimbers will be there. It will be the first outing for Ross in his 2008 Busa Westfield after the engine swap and also Matty will be out is his “tuned” Busa powered Westy. Here’s hoping I am not the slowest again!

A number of us will be there from 8:30 onwards on Saturday. Come and say hello.

Wing Stays – 21/03/09

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When building back up the front brakes, I luckily spotted that both the of the front wing stay brackets were about to fail. This has been reported a few times on the Locostbuilders forum and MNR have up rated the mounts on later cars. Disappointing, but this is part of developing a new car.

I decided it was a welding job so decided to combine a visit to my family for Mother’s Day and get the wings welded up. So off to Sunny Oldmeldrum where my brother and the old red car lives.

I decided to copy the design from stuart_g – 8th post down on the thread above.

Essentially a thicker solid plate is used rather than two loops– we used some stainless steel lying in my brother’s garage and bend it to shape and then welded it up. Only some tidying and painting to go before they can be refitted.

Some real horror stories of the wings rotating around the tyre resulting in the car being lifted off the ground are not to be sniffed at.

Cheers to Russ for doing the fabrication/welding while I spent some time catching up with the old red car.

Brakes – 16/03/09

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Apologies for the lack of updates – just back from Snowboarding all rested and relaxed ready for the season. So back into it!

I have (hopefully past tense) suffered from a lack of temperature in the front brakes even after 10 hard laps at Knockhill. The pads that are in the car are Hawk black pads and I believe of race quality – far too hard in my opinion for such a light car for track use never mind for sprints or on the hills.

So the quest for softer brake pads began. First of all many thanks to Matt for his hard work in trying to work out which pads will fit the “family” of 4 pot M16 race callipers from suppliers such as Bremsport, Outlaw and Raceleda.

First off I tried the local motor factors, no joy, not a pad in the books that was even close. Next off was to speak to Rally Design, who just referred me to the pad shapes on the website.

I found a couple of threads on the Locostbuilders forum but the good people there said that they could not find the much loved Mintex 1144 pads and came to the conclusion that were not available for my calliper. I had a look at EBC Green stuff, but they were not getting a good write up so I decided to double check the Mintex route and confirmed that no code or shape existed.

I therefore gave in and decided to browse Rally Design website to buy SmartPads which were great in the red car. But wait a minute – here was Minxtex 1144 pads made specially for the Wilwood Dynalite calliper. Dimensions are the same, but with a different thickness of pad. They were ordered – a little bit steep at £53 delivered.

The pads share the same outer dimensions and the shape is fundamentally the same.Interestingly some of hte friction material was not touching the disk on the Hawk Pads and was quite a large lip. The pad to the left and behind the hawk pad shows the new Dynalite 1144 pads which fit the disk perfectly. 

Pad comparison

So in summary. It appears that Wilwood Dynalite callipers can join the family of M16 variants listed at the top of this page. The pads are a good bit thinner than the Hawk pads, but there appears to be sufficient piston travel and the mounting hole can be opened up easily with a drill. I did not find it necessary with my 13inch CXR wheels to remove the extra material at the top and bottom of the pad.


Here’s to a decent test a Knockhill at the weekend.

Other small items – planning on going 215 ACB10s all round the car. Thanks to Matty for swapping the 245s which were too wide for my rear arches.

More backdated posts on my Flatshifter install to follow.