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Alford 11th and 12th of July

Posted in Sprints with tags , on July 23, 2009 by Paul Lawrence

I didnt do Alford last year, too many people saying that it was boring and just a simple oval. Alford isnt a classic sprint venue like say Boyndie, but it is fast, grippy and good fun. Also good for spectators and a overal was a well run event hosted by Grampian Automobile Club.

Alford is about 26 miles West of where I was dragged up in Dyce, so decided to go and see Gran and the folks on the way up and discuss the next set of upgrades with Dad. After a good nights sleep in my old bedroom from 20 years ago I was up nice and early and very much ready to take on a new track. The record looked unattainable which turned out to be the fastest of all the road car classes at 51.50. So I thought I was unlikely to make any massive inroads in to Mr Bremners lead in the sprint championship this weekend.

Walked the track as a newbie with the ever helpfull Alan Nicol and thought the layout was pretty simple. To be fair to Alan he did say that I should take it easy first run and try to get the cross overs right. Someone always makes a mess of it he says. Not me I stated triumpantly.

So on to my first run.  Fast off the line with the old tyres on, round the first 180 and fast down the back straight. Way too fast in, gathered it up with an armful of lock and drifted nicely past the strart line then back up the straight. Wait a minute, was I not meant to turn left there…. oops.. crawls back to the paddock in disgrace. Being such a quiet shy chap no one took the mickey and they were all very supportive.

Second run. Much to prove and I still hadnt learnt the track. Set off quickly and put in a tidy enough run to much applause from the paddock. It turns out that both Matty and Drew, two good racers had also made a mess of their first time at Alford, so not in too shabby company.

After 3.1 runs and a decent days racing I got it down to a reasonable 53.50 with loads more to come from switching to the newer/wider rear tyres and another three runs on the Sunday for points.

Images courtesy of Chris Grieve –

Courtesy of Chris Grieve

On the pace

This is the correct line, everyone else is wrong!

This is the correct line, everyone else is wrong!

It was not to be, after a lovely bbq and a few beers with the Sugdens the heavens opened and we knew we were in for a wet Sunday.

It held true to the forecast of rain and delivered one practice and two timed runs with only the last run with a drying line. Everyone gave it there all but by the end of the day I was looking to get the car into the trailer and home safe and sound.

For the timed runs I had been amalgamated with class A5 as I was on my lonesome, which as usual was the home of the 1.6 Caterhams and a nice cream coloured Fury. I managed to take the class win by a nearly a second with a very tidy 60.50. So a good weekend was had and another prize for the bulging cabinet.  Shame the Fury had two accidents, both from a guest driver, so not sure if they are quite such good friends now. I do hope big boys rules were in place.

Next outing is Fintray on the 8th of August.


Boyndie Report 4th and 5th July

Posted in Sprints with tags on July 8, 2009 by Paul Lawrence

Boydie has always been a fruitful hunting ground for me, with both Ross and I taking wins here in our blade powered cars last year.

Boyndie Drome as the name suggests is an old airfield and is now a very successful kart track. I particularly enjoy this event both as a driver and the social side of things. Having hurt my back earlier in the week,  I decided to drop out of the go-karting extravaganza planned for Satuday night.

The first timed run turned out to be a bit of a surprise and didn’t feel particularly fast but I put in a 64.17 which was 1.97 seconds under my record in the blade from last year. Especially pleasing as I decided to put on the worn tyres and save the good ones for the timed runs. Ross was also under the record with a mid 65. Temperatures continued to rise and after a tidier buy slower second run in the 65’s both Ross and I were ready for the timed runs.

First up was the bogey, I put in a respectable but way too safe 64.8. Ross set a new record and put in a sterling 64.21 after removing his supertrap and going back to his normal exhaust. I knew I could go faster – but could I raise my game? It was not to be, temperatures continued to rise with track temperatures above 40c, for the first time our road tyres were overheating. As a result, some of the single seaters didn’t even bother going out and times were all slower in the afternoon. I took a much more aggressive run that felt loads quicker but only managed a 65.03, so the win was to Ross. JR came up to me after and commented on the run and said that it should have been a win, but that’s the way racing goes. A well deserved win for Ross but another instance where a tentative/safe first timed run is not the way to go if you want to win. The only positive being that I got some really good points from this event towards the overall sprint championship.

ADMC Boyndie Sprint July 2009
Photo courtesy of sirs_eg6 on Flickr.

To the Sunday. We wont talk about the Saturday night other than to say that much ale was consumed and that this probably affected Ross’s performance 😉

Matty joined us for the Sunday, which is always a pleasure. He wasn’t here to make up the numbers and was looking up for it. Many thanks to his father in law Keith for the pies.

I was out first again and decided to take a bit more kerb and brake later for turn one. Ross was having a bit more trouble and was struggling for grip. Practice times were pomising but with the heat building, could we go quicker.

So when it came to the timed runs, I decided to be a bit more aggressive and put in a solid 64.3 run worth 31.8 points , Ross was still complaining of the car being loose in the heat and managed a 65. So it was all down to the second timed runs, but was ruined due to a sudden down pour. I lost my record, but I took the win and another good haul of points. Matty put in some great times and got down to the previous record pace and bodes well for future events.

ADMC Boyndie Sprint July 2009
Photo courtesy of sirs_eg6 on Flickr.

So as per my result at Golspie, my first practice run was the fastest of the whole weekend. Am I over driving – probably is the answer……. much to ponder.

No official team Ninja Bogey Racing photographers were in attendance, so I will have a scour of the net to see if there are any more action shots. Videos to follow next week.

Forrestburn. Or is that Foggyburn?

Posted in Hillclimbs with tags , on July 1, 2009 by Stephen Hynds

Rounds 6 and 7 of the Hillclimb Championship were held at Forrestburn in North Lanarkshire. Expectations were high for a strong showing from the Bogey after the excellent string of wins at the previous rounds.

I arrived at the circuit at about half 9 armed with supplies for the day ahead and the evening’s BBQ to find that proceedings were slightly delayed due to the presence of Frogmen at the Resevoir at the bottom of the hill. Once they cleared the scene it was time for first practice on a track that was pretty moist and very green as it had not seen any racing in 9 months.

Things didn’t start off well for the Bogey as the engine was initially (barely) turning over and running very rough before then refusing point blank to catch. Panic set in at this point as the usual suspects of helpful volunteers gathered round the car. The fuelling system was initially suspected of being the issue and checks were carried out to see what was and wasn’t working. The fault was eventually traced to the power commander unit. This was removed from the electronics system and the car fired back into life immediately. The fault with the unit itself is still outstanding and will be covered in a later post. With the engine running standard fuelling maps Paul felt it wasn’t running as strongly as it had been previously. This is likely as it will be overfuelling due to leaving the factory with a safe map.

Paul was slotted into the first run a bit later in the queue than planned after the issues were resolved. As mentioned earlier – the track was damp at best, and as such times were slow to begin with and there was a few people who fell off the track. To make conditions even more interesting Forrestburn’s traditional unique weather system made its presence felt by introducing fog to the equation. Luckily most of the corners are blind anyway, so a bit of fog isn’t going to hurt anyone!


The track dried and although conditions weren’t ideal the times fell to more normal levels for the second run. There was a touch of rain for the third practice run but it soon cleared for lunch.


After lunch it was time to set about the business end of the day. The first timed run saw a dry but cool track. Ross (aka Bananaman) was the front runner after this with a 48.19, a whole 0.01 under the previous record. Paul had a 48.24 and wasn’t far behind, with John Hamilton in third on a low 49. It was all to play for in the second timed run with Paul second on a 47.6 and Ross third on a 47.8, but it was John Hamilton with a stunning 46.8x that took the points, a full 1.4 seconds under his record. The top three all getting a bonus point for being under the old record. So a great time, but an end to the winning streak.


On Saturday evening the planned BBQ with the Napiers and the Ninjabogey Racing Collective merged with another one that was going on. A great time was had by all and I’m sure the wine and beer was still flowing well after I left.

The Sunday morning saw a return of the fog that had made a brief appearance the day before. This time though it was thicker and delayed the start of the event by a while. The call also went out for some extra marshall’s for the day and I decided to give it a try for the first time. Nicola and my cousin Scott also decided to give it a go, so the three of us were scattered round the circuit to help out. I ended up on Post 4, just before the Hairpin. It was a great place to watch, and photograph, from and thankfully didn’t see quite as much action. Nicola was in the tunnel section of the track and saw a couple of cars get acquainted with the barriers, and John Roddick in the Saxo doing a 180 without hitting anything! Scott saw the most incidents at post 9 at the last hairpin with a few cars being collected by the tyre barrier.


The conditions throughout all of Sunday were changeable – between foggy and miserable! Times weren’t brilliant throught the day with the top runners not able to get down to the record breaking times of the day before. Paul wasn’t quite on the pace and afterwards commented on the unburnt fuel pouring out of the cat, here’s hoping no permanet damage has been done.


So John took the win with a mid 47, Ross a couple of 10ths behind and Paul on a mid 48. Matty and Russell both put in good times just over the magical 50 second barrier. More to come from those two.