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Boyndie but no sprint championship….

Posted in Sprints on September 29, 2009 by Paul Lawrence

Nice to be back north on the kart circuit that gave the bogey its first win. What a year it has been. I needed two stonking times to be in with a shout of the sprint championship.

Ross and I both smashed the record earlier in the year but I just missed out on the record with Ross setting a 64.21 to my 64.28. I had managed a 64.17 in practice and new that it was possible. I really wanted to get my name back on the record sheet but it was unlikely that I could find the 62 that I needed.

After my poorish showing at Golspie, I decided to invest in some new rubber for the rear of the car. Ever after a few miles on the back road around my house, the tyres were not worn in. I don’t share the opinion of some that the tyres work best right out of the box.

Saturday turned out to be a bit of a disaster, was off the pace for both practices and rued the decision not to buy the new rears for Golspie and get them worn in properly. I just couldnt get the tyres to work enough and didnt really do that well. The colder conditions didnt help, but a class win was not enough and essentially my challenge for the overall sprint championship was over.

On Sunday, with tyres beginning to work and warmer track conditions I took the win by a good margin and all important record, taking 0.15 off Mr Napiers record. Not enough to affect the Sprint Championship but good enough to secure second place and fastest road car awards. Very difficult to compete with last years champion who has the ability to score maximum points whenever needed. Received loads of support and nice compliments regarding my years sprinting and hope to be out again next year.

It transpires that my record and extra point was enough to then take the Highland Speed Championship, which is a fantastic result.

So with all of the championships decided, this is how I ended up.

Sprints – Fastest Road Car award, 1st in Class A4
Hills – Class A4 champion
Scottish Lowlands Tyres and Exhauts champion, Highland Speed champion.
I hold class records at Kames, Fintray and Boyndie. Sitting only a 10th off the pace at Forrestburn, but have 0.7 and 0.8 to find at Doune and Golspie.

So 5 awards and a fantastic result. Big thanks to everyone who has been so supportive this year. You know who you are! See you all at the awards dinner.


Golspie 12th and 13th of September

Posted in mnr, Sprints on September 17, 2009 by Paul Lawrence

Just a quick update to say that I did well enough to still be in contention for the overall Scottish Sprint Championship.

Saturday turned out to be a slight dissapointment, primarly down to a poor driver choice of using my really old and worn tyres for pratice and then puttng on the better set and the car handling completely differently in the timed runs. My foot slipped off of the brake pedal on the first timed run and decided to do some rallycross for a few seconds. Got the hammer down on the last run by failed by 0.02 of a second from Bill Lambie Jnr in his new Holeshot 1400 Busa. Boy does that car look quick off of the line. People are now investing serious amounts of money to keep up with the bogey.

On the Sunday, stuck to the better set of rear tyres for the day and managed to take first place and take 30+ points against the bogey. More accurate times to follow.

I am two seconds ahead in the championship and it all comes down to the last event at Boydnie this weekend. Fingers and toes crossed 🙂

Trackside View: Forrestburn in August

Posted in Hillclimbs, Trackside View on September 10, 2009 by Giles Guthrie

Sideways out of the bottom hairpin

Sideways out of the bottom hairpin

Anybody who thinks that the strip-of-tarmac-on-the-side-of-a-hill that is Knockhill is a crazy anathema in today’s business-case-obsessed world, should compare it with Forrestburn. Knockhill looks positively commercially viable in comparison with Forrestburn.

I arrive en famille in the battle bus. The place is rammed with trailers, plus a few spectator cars. Someone’s been out with a can of spray paint to mock up a car park. It’s full. I make my own space, out of the way, where there will still be some traction should the rain come. The Dear Lady’s heart sinks when she sees the container that houses the lavatories. For someone who can just about get out of bed to go to the BRDC club house, this is quite not the thing. But, God love it, for the grassroots motorsport fan, Forrestburn has a magic that Silverstone can only dream of. I feel a bond with the place that isn’t worth going into just now, and when I first came I felt true joy as the cars howled ‘twixt the wall and the bank, negotiated esses that you can’t appreciate from the side, outbraked themselves for both hairpins, and ran the gauntlet of the tunnel. It’s all there for you to see (sadly though, you now need to sign on to get the access). Yes, there’s just the one burger van, and yes, the toilets are in a container illuminated by light from a 12 volt car battery, but just look at that strip of tarmac.

When I took them to Kames, the beast collective (also known as Emma, Jonathan and Jessica) were less than fully whelmed. Emma liked the chips; Jess liked the Bogey revving, but that was about it. At Forrestburn though, we stood at the top of the hill, where the wind was strongest, and Donald, Alan, Craig and the rest did their stuff. While the Dear Lady voiced her distress through an iPhoned Facebook Status update, and Jess froze in the wind, the larger beasts totally got it. There was motorsport, right there.

The beasts and the Bogey

The beasts and the Bogey

Anticipation built as the Bogey trundled down to the start line, its greenness serving as a useful marker to my collective of inexperienced spotters. Away from the line, hidden from view, but the shouting of the Ninja all too evident. To the bottom hairpin, and big sideways on the exit, your snapper grateful for an effective 520mm of focal length. Then, bursting from the tunnel, engine and paint blaring. Braking too late, apex missed, tail out, some time recorded. Beasts enthralled.

Using all the road at post three

Using all the road at post three

First timed run was more of the same. The class system heightening the tension. Paul takes the class record, good enough for the win. The beasts return to the quiet of the car, with its music, Fruit Shoots, warmth and crisps. The Logistics Manager (Windscreen & Washer Fluid) and I sign on, and wander to the ridge. Here, the white noise from the M8 parlays across the valley on the ubiquitous wind, the same wind that ripples the loch in front of us. And then a Ford CVH complains its way from the start line. Second timed run is a go.

The signing-on lady looked frazzled, and we can’t see the start, so we’re playing “guess the running order” again. John H goes through, and we know the Bogey’s a-comin’. Paul’s pushing now, pulsing the throttle between each apex, hunting for time. Neat through the bottom hairpin, then quick up to the tunnel, Paul doesn’t know he’s already won. He’s record-hunting anyway. Another missed apex at the top hairpin and pesky bumps on the exit rob a hundredth off the earlier time.

Hunting Time

Hunting Time

Championship’s safe though, and after we watch the single seaters run, that’s another day in North Lanarkshire’s premier motorsport venue done. Awesome.

A dab of oppo

Posted in Uncategorized on September 4, 2009 by Stephen Hynds

Forrestburn – IMG_2335

Originally uploaded by Stephen Hynds

All crossed up when coming out of the top corner at Forrestburn.