Fintray Hillclimb 20th August 2011

Fintray 20th August-2333.jpgFintray 20th August-2334.jpgFintray 20th August-2337.jpgFintray 20th August-2338.jpgFintray 20th August-2339.jpgFintray 20th August-2340.jpg
Fintray 20th August-2341.jpgFintray 20th August-2343.jpgFintray 20th August-2345.jpgFintray 20th August-2348.jpgFintray 20th August-2349.jpgFintray 20th August-2351.jpg
Fintray 20th August-2356.jpgFintray 20th August-2361.jpgFintray 20th August-2365.jpgFintray 20th August-2367.jpgFintray 20th August-2368.jpgFintray 20th August-2370.jpg
Fintray 20th August-2374.jpgFintray 20th August-2377.jpgFintray 20th August-2378.jpgFintray 20th August-2381.jpgFintray 20th August-2384.jpgFintray 20th August-2386.jpg

Fintray Hillclimb 20th August 2011, a set on Flickr.

Class win on the Saturday but no record.


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