Fintray Hillclimb 21st August 2011

Fintray 21st August-2627.jpgFintray 21st August-2631.jpgFintray 21st August-2632.jpgFintray 21st August-2634.jpgFintray 21st August-2636.jpgFintray 21st August-2637.jpg
Fintray 21st August-2638.jpgFintray 21st August-2641.jpgFintray 21st August-2644.jpgFintray 21st August-2645.jpgFintray 21st August-2647.jpgFintray 21st August-2649.jpg
Fintray 21st August-2651.jpgFintray 21st August-2653.jpgFintray 21st August-2654.jpgFintray 21st August-2659.jpgFintray 21st August-2660.jpgFintray 21st August-2663.jpg
Fintray 21st August-2664.jpgFintray 21st August-2667.jpgFintray 21st August-2669.jpgFintray 21st August-2670.jpgFintray 21st August-2674.jpgFintray 21st August-2675.jpg

Fintray Hillclimb 21st August 2011, a set on Flickr.

A class win and a new class record on the Sunday. 28.26 seconds, 0.5 under the old record.


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