Car Setup Information

Probably more relevant to MNR owners, but here it is all the same.

kitcar view rear and right elevation


Overall car weight is 480.5kgs and goes up to 580kgs with me in it

Weight of the front end is 241kgs – 262kgs with driver
Front left
124kgs with driver
2mm out
– 1.5 degrees camber
Front right
138kgs with driver
2mm out
-1.5 degrees camber
Front to rear weight –
Left – 244.5 kgs – 275.5 with drvier
Right – 236.5 kgs – 204.5 with driver
Rear left
151kgs with driver
-1 degree camber
Was 0 degrees toe, but I have toe’d it in 0.5 turns of the rod end both sides
Rear right
167kgs with driver
-1 degree camber
Again 0.5 turns of the rod end in
Rear weight
240kgs – 318kgs with driver

note – camber figures are lower due to me using AVON ACB10 cross-plys – List 1B tyres such as Toyo 888’s or Yokohama A048 would need more camber.

Front end summary –
Inboard MNR design rising rate pushrod suspension, forgot to get the sprint rates
No front anti-roll bar
Front Protech shocks are at 7 clicks

Rear end summary –
The springs on the rear of the car are 250lbs/8 and are too short for the droop of the car suspension and you need to be careful about letting the car back down and making sure the springs are seated properly
Rear is 5 clicks on the Protech shocks
No rear anti-roll bar

Ride heights to follow

Please note that the setting above with cross-ply tyres are for sprints and hills only. Running this setup on the road makes for a lively car that darts all over the road.

No prizes for anyone stating that I weigh 99.5 kgs, my only excuse is that I am 6ft 4


5 Responses to “Car Setup Information”

  1. Joel Lanyon Says:

    I am about to start a westfield ZZR14, any tips would be welcome. What diff ratio do you run?


    • Paul Lawrence Says:


      But a hayabusa unless you plan to leave it standard. I’ve spent so much money and time trying to develop for the zzr when everyone has already do it with the busa. Otherwise it is a strong engine. Just leave it standard.

      Diff. I use a freelander with a quaife atb. Works well.

      Look at some of my old posts on speed sensors etc when you get to the wiring. Otherwise you are good to go. Good luck.

  2. Joel Lanyon Says:

    Thanks for the reply’s, sorry I didn’t respond earlier I thought I would get a notification if anyone responded but obviously not. I am intending leaving standard, I was favouring the Busa but my son wanted to do something different but always been a Kawi fan so wont be disappointed.

  3. Joel Lanyon Says:

    We are looking at a diff ratio of 3.38 hoping for 70 mph at 6000 rpm, what do you think?

    • Paul Lawrence Says:

      I think you won’t me miles away depending on your choice of wheel and tyres. I am 3.21 and work on the basis of 11-12mps per 1k. So 6k = 65mph in 13″ wheels.

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