Circuit Times and Information

Circuit Class Record Fireblade’s time Bogey’s time Notes
Kames (Anti-Clockwise) 76.99 79.64 77.65 now 76.63 New class record as promised!
Kames (Clockwise) 84.24 87.93 84.56 from 85.97
Didn’t improve at EACC event. New tyres on order
Doune 46.66 54.68 47.30 Expectations destroyed. Full 2.5 seconds improvement
Forrestburn 48.20 now 46.82 49.03  47.62 Broke the record, but beaten by John H with a 46.60, so still 0.8 to find
Fintray 30.65 now30.34 31.31 30.47 Improvement, but still loads to come if I put enough fuel in the car! 0.13 of a second off the new record set by Ross
Golspie Littleferry 96.81 119.52 99.25 Wet day so second practice my best
Golspie Kylestrome 73.35 76.92 74.17 A good start, but driving a bit too wild on bad tyres. Time recorded in practice
Boyndie 66.14 now 64.21 66.14  64.17 Fastest time under the new record and was first practice!
Alford 51.50 N/A   Not run last year

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